Luxury Club Manicure


Luxury Club Manicure Oxford Street

Why opt for a Luxury Manicure?

In need of a nail makeover? Is your visit to the nearest nail salon long overdue? Opting for our Luxury Club Manicure Oxford Street might be right for you!

Why choose Luxury Manicures? Switch up your manicure routine and have a pampering experience for your hands. Getting a Luxury manicure near Oxford Street is a treat for dry and tired hands. It has many benefits not only for your nails but also for your skin. A treat you didn’t know you need! Why not get totally pampered and add a Luxury Club Pedicure to the package.

The Beauty Club is home to Paint Nails London.  Our team of experts will pamper your hands and feet while you relax and enjoy the vibe of Londons top salon. Our educator Angel proudly succeeded in winning the 2021 Professional Beauty Awards. She is aiming to add more awards to her list this year.


Why Choose a Luxury Manicure?

One of the main reasons Luxury Manicure is among our favourites: it leaves your hands feeling radiant and healthy even during the cold months. Winter is when our hands suffer the most. There is a lot of reasons why the skin of your hands might be dry. Breezy weather,  frequent hand washing, the use of hand sanitiser and even stress are causes of dry and flaky skin on your hands. Not the end of the world, but not a pleasant situation either. Flaky skin can be irritable, to say the least. Dry hands that are lacking moisture can benefit from Oxford Street’s Luxury Manicure and leave you feeling pampered and relaxed. A Luxury Manicure gives your hands a fresh start.

A Crème-de-la-crème of our manicures, Luxury Club manicure near Oxford Circus offers an extensive treatment to your nails and hands. A Luxury Manicure is designed to promote the health of your hands and nails. 

What Makes a Luxury Manicure Oxford Street Different?

Who knew a few extra steps in your hand and nail care routine can make such a difference? The face usually gets all the attention with skincare routines consisting of multiple steps and regular trips to see a beautician. Hands, however, are one of the first things people notice when they first meet you, but we often don’t pay enough attention to caring for them. However, don’t worry too much if you skipped your nail appointment a couple more times than intended, getting the Luxury Manicure in London Oxford Street can reverse the damage and restore the smoothness of your skin. Our Luxury Manicure starts with the nail technician filing and buffing your nails and taking care of the cuticles. Now that your nails are prepped, enjoy a thorough exfoliation of the skin, followed by a massage and heated mitts.

Exfoliating refreshes the skin by removing dead skin cells. It leaves your hands feeling smoother, brighter as well as boosts radiance. It also promotes circulation which makes your nails grow stronger. A massage that follows is gonna make you feel relaxed and at ease. Our technicians will also use heated mitts on your hands, that helps penetrate the products deeper into your skin leaving it fully replenished.

This treatment takes (1 hour ) check out our price list here.

A complete pampering nail makeover is just around the corner, the Oxford Circus Luxury Manicure is located 3 minutes away from the train station.

Like what you see? Book your treatment instantly via our fast online booking system. Just click the book now button below. You can also contact us by WhatsApp which is just to the right at the bottom of the screen. Or call us on 0208 1271121. Your nail technician will happily provide you with a complimentary glass of Prosecco or drink of your choice for every genuine Google Review. Directions to the Best Nail Salon in London for a c are at the bottom of this page.

Directions to Paint Nails London at Oxford Circus London

It’s easy to find us!  Luxury Manicure Oxford Street the entrance is Market Place, No 28, W1W 8AW. Only a 7 minute walk away from Soho and Regent Street and just over 10 minutes walk from Marylebone and Fitzrovia. If you’re travelling by train, get off at Oxford Circus train station and you are only a 3 minutes walk away from your new favourite Luxury Manicures in Oxford Street. Train services from Oxford Circus Underground Station.

Treatwell is the largest online hair and beauty platform in Europe. Which is the reason we have chosen to partner with them for our Luxury Pedicure. We also offer a more basic Classic Manicure or you could go for a Luxury Pedicure with Gel polish.