Luxury Club Pedicure


Luxury Pedicure Oxford Street

What can a luxury pedicure near Oxford Street offer?

Is there anything better than spending an hour getting your toes done? Imagine sitting back, relaxing and letting the professionals do their thing. It’s a bliss to be able to fit in an hour of relaxation into your busy schedule and take a moment to breathe while the technicians file, buff, shape and paint your nails to absolute perfection.  Why not get totally pampered and add a Luxury Club Manicure to the package.

The Beauty Club is home to Paint Nails London.  Our team of experts will pamper your hands and feet while you relax, sip cocktails enjoying the vibe of Londons top salon. Our educator Angel proudly succeeded in winning the 2021 Professional Beauty Awards. She is aiming to add more awards to her list this year.

Enjoy The Bliss Of A Luxury Pedicure

Our Luxury Club Pedicure in Oxford Circus takes it a step further. Enjoy a relaxing soak and a callus peel that’s necessary at least once a while. It keeps your feet healthy. A thorough scrub will make sure to get rid of any dead skin cells and build-up that forms when you spend too much time on your feet. The indulgent experience doesn’t end there. Relax while the technicians of the Luxury Pedicure Oxford Street use a heated mask on your feet designed to penetrate products such as creams and oils deeper into your skin. You’re welcome to have a drink (yes, Paint Nails London situated in the Beauty Club London has their own bar: cocktails, bubbles or coffee it’s up to you!) while you’re getting a therapeutic massage.  Your feet will feel as smooth as silk, no doubt.  Followed by your choice of colour and set to dry.

Why Choose a Luxury Pedicure?

You might ask yourself whether it’s worth switching up your regular visit to the nearest nail salon and trying something new. Well if you do need help deciding, here are some amazing benefits of luxury pedicures and why they outweigh your standard nail appointment:

It Comes With a massage!

Not only do they feel good, but foot massages have a lot of health benefits. They act as an aid for stress. Reduced stress levels lead to an improved quality of nights sleep, no more grumpy mornings! It lifts your mood and results in you making better overall health decisions. How does it do that? Foot massage increases feel-good brain chemicals, energy levels and can even reduce levels of anxiety and depression. Paint nails London offers Foot Massage too, so you can come and relax and be pampered in your lunch break!

Massages also boost circulation. Desk-bound jobs mean that our feet don’t get enough exercise. Feet muscles are often tight due to the lack of movement and uncomfortable shoes. Therefore, getting a regular foot massage can prevent foot and ankle injuries, reduce any pain or sore muscles, relieve tension and is important for long-term health. Oxford Circus Luxury Pedicure includes a therapeutic massage and that’s not all!

Heated Foot Mask Will Take Your Indulgent Experience Further.

Yes, it definitely feels great to have your feet soaked in hot water, but heated foot masks are a step further in providing your feet with moisture and evenly distributing the heat and product around your feet. It gives you soft, relaxed feet and provides a wide variety of therapeutic effects. Our leading Oxford street Luxury Pedicure includes a heated mask and makes sure you have the most relaxing experience. Heat masks can reduce inflammation, pain and muscle tension. It relaxes your feet and leads to long-lasting joint-pain relief. 

Another perk of heated feet masks is that they aid in detoxifying your body. A lot of toxins leave the body through our feat. Heat therapy opens up the pores and lets your body get rid of what’s not needed. This part of the treatment is essential in leaving the skin of your feet baby-soft! It softens the callus and makes it easier to soften the heels. It beautifully complements other steps of the Luxury Pedicure as heat helps make sure that our quality products penetrate your skin deeper. 

Advanced Treatment of Callus

Dry and hard patches of skin on your feet might be unpleasant, painful and you might not like their appearance. Calluses are usually caused by exposure to pressure and friction by uncomfortable or tight shoes. Calluses are not particularly dangerous, but not taking care of your feet might lead to pain and even infection in some cases. Getting a regular callus treatment, makes sure that the skin of your feet is softened and deeply moisturised. That improves any discomfort and enhances the appearance of your feet.

This treatment takes (1 hour 15 minutes) check out our price list here.

Like what you see? Book your treatment instantly via our fast online booking system. Just click the book now button below. You can also contact us by WhatsApp which is just to the right at the bottom of the screen. Or call us on 0208 1271121. Your nail technician will happily provide you with a complimentary glass of Prosecco or drink of your choice for every genuine Google Review. Directions to the Best Nail Salon in London for a Classic Pedicure with Gel Polish are at the bottom of this page.

Directions to Paint Nails London at Oxford Circus London

It’s easy to find us!  Luxury Pedicure Oxford Street the entrance is Market Place, No 28, W1W 8AW. Only a 7 minute walk away from Soho and Regent Street and just over 10 minutes walk from Marylebone and Fitzrovia. If you’re travelling by train, get off at Oxford Circus train station and you are only a 3 minutes walk away from your new favourite Luxury Pedicure in Oxford Street. Train services from Oxford Circus Underground Station.


Treatwell is the largest online hair and beauty platform in Europe. Which is the reason we have chosen to partner with them for our Luxury Pedicure. We also offer a more basic Classic Manicure or you could go for a Luxury Pedicure with Gel polish.